Q: How far in advance do I need to book a party?

You can book a party as far in advance as you would like. But we do require a minimum of 4 weeks. This way you have enough time to invite your guests plus allow us 2 weeks to order/create all the materials needed for your party.

Q: How do my guests choose and pay for their designs?

When you have finalized a date, time and location you will be provided with a custom site where your guests will have the choice of over 50 different designs.

Q: Can parties only be hosted in homes?

No, we have done several parties are restuarants as well. Note: Room booking must be done by the host.

Q: What if one of my guests registers for my party but is then unable to make to attend?

In the event one of your guests is unable to make the party, their sign will be will be made for them during the party and let with the host.

Q: Are there incentives for hosting a party?

Y​​​​​​​​es! As the host you receive your sign for free. (Up to a $40 value)

Q: Is there a maximum or minimum number of people I need for my party?

The minimum of number of people depend on how far we need to travel to get to your party. Local minimum is 10. There is no maximum, after your party exceeds a certain limit we maybe bring an additional instructor if needed.